A Strange Figure in my Room

Once again, to ensure anonymity, the following story may have names, locations and any identifying information changed for privacy. Although I assure you, the story is in fact based on what the story teller’s believe to be true accounts.

ghost“Years ago when I was a young girl, I had an experience which didn’t make any sense until a few years later.  I was lying in bed one night waiting for sleep to envelope me when I saw an older man standing in my room. He was clearly right there in front of me, yet he was transparent, so I knew it could not be an intruder…or at least not a human intruder.

I saw him a handful of times over the next few years. Each time I would see him, I would get this overwhelming feeling of sadness and maybe even a little regret.  Finally, the truth came out about the home’s history. Years before we moved in, a man had committed suicide in my bedroom.

Could this have been the same man? He never spoke nor was he threatening in any way. I can’t be 100% sure of his identity, but I have no other theory to go on either.” – TD

tammy-deansAsk Tammy,

Dear Tammy,

I recently had a dream of walking in a field and finding a dead dog. I knew it was dead because I could smell death or the smell that accompanies the dead. Is this dream warning me of a friend or family? Thanks. – MJ

Tammy’s Psychic Answer:

Thank you for your question. Dreams can be tricky as I believe in the dreamer interpreting the dream themselves. All symbols and signs are ones you should be able to connect with. Therefore, if my explanation doesn’t really help, please feel free to visit with me in person and I will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

I believe this particular dream is bringing notice to a period of slow and steady personal growth. Bringing forth freedom and happiness. In my opinion, you may be getting in your own way. Stop second guessing your instincts and dwelling on the past. These are keeping you stuck in a space you should no longer be.

Thanks again for your question and happy dreaming! – Tammy

stoneAzurite is a wonderful power stone which heightens psychic awareness and intuition helping to open to the intuitive potentials of your dreams. An excellent stone for use with dream work. Place this gorgeous stone by your bed while you sleep allowing it remove psychic blockages.

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