Incident at Hiawatha Park

Most Sault residents are familiar with the location of the following story, Hiawatha Park. It is a beautiful park set in a gorgeous wooded area complete with a waterfall, swimming beach, and a dam. I, myself, have had many experiences in this location as I grew up in the neighbourhood and considered it my ‘stomping grounds’. Not only was this a location I loved personally, but my first real job was in the banquet hall on the property and I also babysat the previous owner’s children who lived there as well.

hiawatha park “I remember one time in particular while riding my bike through the park, I could hear someone talking, more like, whispering in my ear but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I knew this could not be the case since I was riding the bike pretty fast. I slowed down to look around but could see no one. There were a handful of people in the distance towards the swing set, but their chatter was not what I heard in my ear. My pulse quickened and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It almost felt like I was being followed as I rode out of the park gates. Once on the other side, I was finally able to calm down and catch my breath.

On another occasion after enjoying an afternoon of swimming in the water, and as I carried my roller skates up the deep set of stairs to the park level, I stopped to have a rest. When I turned around to look at the water below, I saw a woman in a white dress on the sandy beach. I stared at her for what seemed like several minutes.  Although I knew she was female and the white dress was long and blowing in the breeze, I couldn’t make out any other features. I could not see her arms, or her face, and even her hair was bizarre, I couldn’t tell you if she had light or dark hair. Again, I heard the familiar whispering in my ear and the familiar fear began to build within me. I turned and climbed the remaining stairs as fast as I could without so much as a glance back toward the beach.”

Ask Tammy,

Dear Tammy,

I am quite unhappy in my job. Do you have any advice?  – Sarah

Tammy’s Psychic Answer:

Thank you for your question, Sarah, and I am sorry you are so unhappy. I would like to start by saying you are very mind smart and it is essential to challenge yourself or boredom will quickly set in. Being bored brings on irritation with those around you which creates even more stress. Stress can turn to a lack of patience with yourself and others. I am sure you can see where this is going; total unhappiness.

With that being said, I believe a fresh start is calling for you. Not everyone should jump ship, with their job especially, but I think in your case it is not only necessary, it is also time. A fresh start for you would bring optimism and enthusiasm. You have so much to learn and just as much to teach. Unfortunately, your current position does not give you the opportunity in either of these categories.

I caution you on the lack of discipline though. To make this kind of change you must plan, plan, and plan some more.  Is the state of your finances that which can help float you while going through this transition? Do you have anything that is higher on the priority list at this time? Do you have the right qualifications and/or education to make the change? AND what exactly do you want the change to be?

Following your heart with a clear plan on moving forward with this change is something you are being called to do, just don’t rush the process! I know it may seem like forever, but I foresee in about 12 months’ time, you will be sitting in a whole new position and in a completely new field as well.  Good luck to you and I hope this helps.

stonesIt may be helpful for you to carry a pouch with a few different crystals inside, while planning and going through this transition. The first stone I recommend is the Lepidolite, which promotes grounding and focus resulting in speeding up the decision making process. The second stone, Citrine, attracts abundance and success. And last but certainly not least, the Moss Agate which stimulates intuitive thoughts into practical realities, therefore bridging the intellect with the intuitive. The combination of the three together makes them all the more effective.

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