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A Fine Line between Good and Evil 

Everyone has a secret. What would do you do with a secret so unbelievable, you could trust no one with it? Throughout the course of her life, Tammy has hidden just that…until now.

A Fine Line between Good and Evil will take you on a journey through a horrendous battle with the dark forces which still haunt her today.

Understand what it’s like for a young girl to grow up seeing and hearing what no one else can. Find out just who is the old lady that tormented her?

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Check out this review…Excellent true life story about living with ESP and the paranormal! This was a great read, I highly recommend this book for people interested in the paranormal and supernatural. A very fascinating story about psychic ability, spiritual discovery and the dangers of the occult. Tammy Deans writes a very engaging and page turning book about the paranormal experiences in her life. Since childhood Tammy has been in touch with the paranormal and this book takes us through her journey from childhood to her adult life. Tammy has endured mind-blowing experiences throughout her entire life. Amazing tales of spirit guides, hauntings and messages from beyond. Tammy has a true life calling as a spiritual conduit. Ultimately a powerful message about spirituality and the dangers of the dark side. – Rick Gartfield 2017

Illuminations by Tammy 

Change your life today!  Become conscious of your thoughts and actions.  Witness your world and evolution as a whole transform simply by what you say, think, feel and do.  This book was designed for support as WE all walk our spiritual journey.  Within these pages are beautifully written meditations, positive affirmations and incredibly uplifting stories of spiritual encounters had by various individuals. The series of thought provoking, self-awareness assignments are geared to be used time and time again as an aid in spiritual growth and healing.  Prepare to adapt this book into your daily routine.

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Check out this review…I know I’m partial to this book because my story is in it. I just want to share with everyone these are true events about amazing spiritual experiences of all kinds. NDE’s, angel encounters and the unknown. – Katherine Foshee

Poetry by Tammy 

This book comes directly from the heart and spirit.  The two go hand-in-hand.  Inside the cover holds poems of evil, heartbreak, death, love and light.  Each poem is unique in its own way.  Get ready for a journey through some of life’s hidden secrets.

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