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Tammy Deans is an amazing person! She has helped my family be able to enjoy our home. We moved in to our home and it was very uncomfortable. Strange things were happening; my toddler was crying and running in fear of something we couldn’t see. My animals acting odd. Doors opening. Tvs turning on. An all around uncomfortable feeling. We later found out that there was a murder in my home. Numerous over doses and lots of illegal activity. Tammy came to cleanse my home and yard. She spent so much time and energy helping the spirits move on. Cleansing myself as well. I went from feeling in a panic, to feeling calm and free of anxiety. She taught me ways to communicate in a healthy way to help move to the light. My home is now a completely different energy. It’s calm and anxiety free. My kids can play and enjoy their home. You’ve done so much for us Tammy , you have no idea. Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts ♥️ – Candise 2022

– “I was over the moon thrilled about my candle reading with Tammy! I couldn’t believe how accurate the reading was. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it was my first time have a reading of any kind. Tammy has an amazing gift. I recommend her to anyone!” – Valerie McCaig 2022

Quote taken from email —  “Can I not just buy you to follow me around or something? I always feel so much better after talking to you or being around you. Then my energy drops again. So, you need to move in with me and then I can be your apprentice. Lol” – CM 2022

-“Tammy is absolutely amazing at what she does. I’ve truly never met a person with such abilities. She is incredibly gifted and has a remarkable energy. Highly recommend. Becky B”. 2022

-“I have had multiple email readings with Tammy and I cannot recommend her enough! Her readings are strikingly correct and I feel as if she is a confidante that has insight in my life when in reality we have never met! Always excited to receive her replies; worth every penny!” Shauna Taylor 2022

-“I am still so amazed by how accurate your readings are. My last reading was so amazing and I got a lot of closure from it. I can’t wait to see you again.” Chantal Carmen 2022

 – “I simply cannot say enough about my experiences with Tammy Deans. Upon moving to Sault St Marie in 2013 I had also begun an in depth spiritual inventory & subsequent growth. Without Tammy unknowingly facilitating said growth I would never have learned or felt as much as I was able to access and I firmly believe I would not have the life I do today. At first, I was a quiet patron in her shop. (I bought my first crystals for intended use there: A quartz point & a black obsidian point which I wore on a chain until they exploded from all the info I had picked up into them. Soon my research of the metaphysical went past crystals and I found Tammy’s weekly group. This group offered not only phenomenal guest speakers & info but also the kinship of like minded individuals. One of my “biggest” supernatural experiences took place at one of these nights. I amassed untold amounts of free info from Tammy during my visits to her shop. I can’t figure out why I didn’t hire her psychic services until I had left the Sault area. Nevertheless, once I did begin purchasing time with Tammy for different types of divination & psychic work I was blown away. The therapeutic value far surpasses any novelty of such service. My favourite is the Aura painting. Nothing compares to it. I encourage EVERYONE to do it at least once. The insight & confirmations of things I already knew but didn’t want to accept were made abundantly clear and offered me much comfort & strength. I am running through a list of my closest friends and family to encourage them to have an Aura painting done at my expense as I believe it to be of such benefit.
(Her books are just as satisfying btw, just can’t say enough about Tammy Deans as a person, As a psychic, As an Author & as a business owner. Do not hesitate to explore what Tammy can do for You & your journey. I am forever grateful & indebted to her”… Ingela Anne Puddicombe

“Tammy has always been a source of comfort. She greets you warmly and invitingly and always makes you feel comfortable in her presence. She is always thorough in explaining the process of her readings and always seems to not only hit the target dead centre, but also provide a subtle sense of hope. I always found that during periods of my life that felt hopeless or overwhelming, a single hour of sitting and having a reading done managed to always erase those feelings in me and provide me with great strength. She is open, she is welcoming and she has always been able to answer any questions I have ever had from which direction I should take spiritually to why I had scratches suddenly appearing on my skin. I would recommend her readings to absolutely anyone who shares the same interest”…Mandy

“I have known Tammy for several years now. Met her through her readings in the beginning, then started participating in her workshops, and presentations. She is knowledgeable and approachable—able to share her own experiences and helps others with their own learning. She is constantly on the move to be better and better than she was the day before. Her readings are above par and I really enjoy all them, especially when there have been times when she’s been spot on with information that I needed to know. To me she is an inspiration, a great teacher and phenomenal reader. I am blessed to know her and to be able to call her friend”…Irene M. Gray

-“Tammy I would like to thank you for the reading you did yesterday. You were right on and also your book was so good I stayed up last night and read the whole thing.” Cory

-“Honesty is what I need and she was absolutely amazing! Wonderful reading, excellent advisor, great insight! Highly recommend, very honest.” Tiffany

-“Great reading and connection. Detailed and insightful. Beautiful spirit! Would definitely recommend.” – Mel

-“Tammy has helped me tap into my inner abilities to connect with the other side and has provided guided support and readings to help in my journey of growth and healing”…Cindy-Lou Makkonen

-“Tammy, just wanted to let you know you were right! I did get the job in the ***! I had asked you during one of your podcasts in November if I was going to get in. You told me yes, but not in my time frame, instead a little later down the road. You were right! Thank you”… S.M.

– “I eagerly awaited the release of Tammy`s books and that anticipation was most definitely met with great intrigue during and after reading them. Great insight into who she is, was and will be. For anyone wanting to read them, trust me they do not disappoint. I can`t wait to read more from her in the future. Passing on love and light” … R. Roosemalen

 – “I have spent time at your shop and attended different work shops. I always leave very satisfied and with a renewed sense of calm and very satisfied with the results”… Kerry

 – “I normally go through with tarot or tea leaves. Most of the time it’s accurate and I enjoy watching the paranormal stuff live and hope you do that again”… Steevy

 – “Experience was great with you. Very understanding. Your Haunted Sault Ste Marie team was great as well. One of your crew had a hard time when down in my basement. I believe you still want to redo the toy room as soon as I can arrange for family to be gone at the same time”…Kathie M

 – “Tammy Deans is a truly gifted psychic. I’ve had many tea leaf readings over the years, and they are always spot on! Tammy’s readings are both fun and insightful. She has a great sense of humour and is so down to earth. It’s always a great time getting a reading with Tammy. Whether you are going for some fun and entertainment or serious inquiries about your current life situation, you’re guaranteed to have a very moving experience”…Tanya 

“I want to say thank you for everything that you have done for me over the years. From cleansing our new home to the meditation classes and tea reading. I have always felt relaxed and calm after our time together.” ..Leeann

“My brother passed away and when I drank my tea there was a G at the bottom of my cup it was his name Gary. My good friend died in a motorcycle accident and you said it too. That was the best reading”…Lynda

“It was a fun and entertaining experience having a tea leaf and mini tarot reading.” – Ryan W.

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